Production Designer - SARAH KANE

Director - TOM BROWNE

Radiator is a raw and acute but darkly comic look at a long marriage and the way love changes over time.

Leonard (Richard Johnson) and Maria (Gemma Jones) live in splendid isolation in their remote Cumbrian cottage. However, age has caught up with Leonard and Maria. Their middle-aged son Daniel (Daniel Cerqueira) arrives to help. But since his last visit his parent’s lives have slipped from eccentricity into chaos. They can no longer cope. Leonard has decided to become bedbound and is even more defensive and antagonistic than he was before. Daniel’s mother is delighted to see him but does not want to talk about the mundane practicalities of her life. With only a few days free from work Daniel quickly sets about trying to restore some order to their arrangements but is confronted by the highly adversarial relationship he has with his father.

The script (co-written with Daniel Cerqueira) was inspired by Tom Browne’s personal experiences with his own parents, and the film was shot in Cumbria in his late parents’ house.

After a warmly received World Premiere at the 2014 BFI London Film Festival, and winning numerous awards across international festivals, Radiator opened in cinemas on November 27th 2015, released by Picturehouse Entertainment. The film received four-star reviews in The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Times, The Independent, The Observer, Evening Standard, Empire and Daily Express. It has been called ‘masterful’ and ‘one of the best British films of the year’, and has been described as ‘a harshly compelling melodrama that floats between Michael Haneke’s ‘Amour’ and the plays of Samuel Beckett.’