Production Designer - CIARAN BEALE


“This is the kind of work that wins the Turner Prize” - Stephen Farthing RA (Royal Academician, ex-executive director New York Academy of Art)

Eleanor opens a window into the hearts, minds and lives of three solitary women, all played by Golden-Globe winning actress Ruth Wilson over the course of one night in London.

A visually stunning and truly original multi-screen cinematic installation that combines poetry from three of the UK’s finest and most celebrated young writers - Polly Stenham, Anya Reiss and Michael Lesslie - with dance from The Royal Ballet and a haunting score from Blaine Harrison of The Mystery Jets and Johnny Lloyd, Eleanor is like a moving painting whose story resonates with its audience on a fundamental, emotional level. The seamless fusing of major art forms – cinematic aesthetic, music, poetry, prose and dance – allows a sense of the soul of these women to be communicated, for the audience to understand the tone and rhythm of the characters’ experiences rather than simply being bound by conventional narrative. As the womens' paths cross through the course of the evening, characters move between screens and a world unfurls which invites us to question our own lives and how we view those around us.

Eleanor is a film about women, about people, about solitude, about companionship, about human nature. It finds a levity and a colour within darkness, and strives to remind us that it is the people around us in life that are important.

“This sumptuous haunting of place and possible narrative leads us all to wonder, not only on the stories portrayed in the film, but also at our own lives and the places we choose to be. This film will replay in your dreams.”
- Studio International